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Exercise The Virtues


The purpose of exercising the virtues is to come to appreciate the art form which is our
Christian faith; and to skillfully apply its inexplicable creative power.

Over time you will find failure becoming a trusted friend,
and success … a constant companion.


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A Personal Message

From Paul, the Creator and Founder of the Essential Spiritual Fitness Program.

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Why This Program

Discover Why the Essential Spiritual Fitness Program works!

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Getting Started

How To Get Started Exercising The Virtues In Your Life.

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Through this unique multi-denominational Bible Reading / Bible Study Program for exercising the virtues you can achieve your very own Spiritual Fitness in just 10 minutes a day — for in this Program you will come to appreciate the art form which is our Christian faith and skillfully apply its inexplicable creative power, through Christ-centered instruction designed for all three aspects of your soul: 1) your mind, 2) your heart, and 3) your free will.
When you exercise discernment (your mind). When you exercise self-control (your heart). When you exercise courage (your free will). When you exercise right judgment (the tie that binds). When you daily exercise the capacity of the soul in these four cardinal virtues, you will develop the particular skill of dispassion.


Dispassion being that peaceful condition of the soul in which it, rather than being easily moved to evil, is instead naturally inclined toward that which is good.


In so doing you will reap the rewards of the fruit of dispassion: True, Godly, Christian Love. And you will come to see that exercising the virtues truly is the right path for keeping that first and great commandment to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength; and the second which is like unto it, to love your neighbor as your own self.
Now compare this concept of exercising the virtues to the life of our Lord; while remembering the teaching of our Lord through James the Apostle when He said through his Epistle that “Faith without works is dead.” Remember, Jesus said, did he not, that he believed in God? And that he did the works of God? Now, could you imagine the “meaning” of his faith shared in his words and teachings had he not fulfilled his ministry through the “work” of the Cross?
In the same light, can you imagine the “meaning” of all your Christian words if they do not fulfill the commandments of God? The ones Jesus spoke of when he said, “If you love me you will keep my commandments.” When he said in the Sermon on the Mount, “He who does (first) and teaches (second) has wisdom and understanding.” Always keep this simple truth in mind: Actions prove who someone is, words just prove who they want, or pretend, to be.
Now, because modern religion can no longer provide such training as you’ll find here, and because I know you’re curious as to what can, let me share with you up-front what this Program is based on: It is, as mentioned above, multi-denominational; this means that it is uniquely built on the teachings of Jesus, the Apostles, and the best-of-the-best from the 3 major denominations over the past 2000 years (Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant).
In exercising the virtues in this way—under the tutelage of Scripture and the combined consciousness of the saints—you will learn both the Orthodox/Catholic value of the works that faith should naturally display … while not losing the Protestant understanding that faith alone remains our ticket into Heaven.
In essence, this Program incorporates everything you need into one easy-to-understand and immensely practical living faith that will carry you successfully through all the varying circumstances of your present life … and boldly into the next.



Changing the Live’s of Men, Women and Children in All Walks of Life

“Through the Essential Spiritual Fitness Program and its all around teaching, including that on the virtues, I have been able to better understand the heart and mind of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Pastor Paul’s notes bring this home. I have been able to understand how our Lord works through Covenant with His people. Pastor Paul’s notes share little known historical background of the first century. This shows on many different levels how our Lord completed His plan of redemption and how it continues to unfold for us today.”
Matthew Schultz, Missouri
“Pastor Paul, you are wonderful. I truly loved your email on the question I asked you about babies not being baptized and young kids then adults. I will respond more later but I feel really blessed to have you to guide me. I completely respect and accept your guidance.”
Angela Witte, Arizona
“Finally, a faith without confusion!!! Thank you so much for everything you continue to put into this marvelous Spiritual Fitness Program. I love learning to apply the virtues.”
Dick Chapin, Michigan
“I was thrilled to receive in the mail my copy of your book, ‘The Pearl’. What a fabulous introduction to the Essential Spiritual Fitness Program! The book was so easy to read and easy to understand. I’ve been a Christian for many years, but much of what you shared in the book was the first time I really deeply understood some of Christ’s teachings in a powerful, personal way! THANK YOU Pastor Paul!”
Debbie White, Arizona
“I want to thank brother Paul for his hard work and dedication in making the Guided Study Bible. His Essential Spiritual Fitness Program has forever changed how I apply God’s Word to my life. In the program I have been encouraged and challenged to have a set time each day in which to seek diligently the Lord. Brother Paul has put together a very unique system of reading and studying the Bible. He often quotes first century Christians to show the way that they thought and worshiped. I recommend the program to all who desire more time or commitment to the Lord. Thank you brother Paul.”
William Finnegan, Florida
“I’ve been reading everyday since we got things lined up, and I find this Spiritual Fitness Program very helpful to me personally. And beneficial to my teaching at Worship. It seems to help me put together better and more informative sermons, and also helps me with my cognitive memory in giving them. Is it the Spirit that is helping me, or both the Program and the Spirit? In any case I am pleased with the results, and hopefully so is The Lord.”
Jerry Cassity, Indiana