Welcome to this Introductory Course in the Paul's Primers Books & Courses Series for the Essential Spiritual Fitness Program.

Completing this course will transform your understanding of Scripture and supercharge the value you gain from the Daily Bible Readings.

This will lead to you discovering for yourself a calm, quiet confidence.

Which will enable you to deepen your relationship with Christ, and become the Christian you've always wanted to be!

This course will help you do all of this in far less than the 30 years it took me to figure it all out…

That’s why we call these teaching points our 6 Steps To Total Reboot, or 6 Steps To Total Clarity.

Enjoy the Course! And God Speed!

Coach Paul

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Estimated Time: 8 Weeks

Difficulty: Beginner


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paul paul Author

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Enrolling in this course will transform your life through Scripture and help you become the Christian you’ve always wanted to be.


Step 1: Full Story

Step 2: Sin and Grace

Step 3: Right and Wrong

Step 4: Public vs Private Enemies

Step 5: Form and Function

Step 6: Unique Ability