Welcome to the Introductory Course for the Essential Spiritual Fitness Program. Completing this course will supercharge the value you gain from the Daily Readings.

In this course we will introduce you to 6 Steps that you need to take if you want to truly deepen your walk with Christ.

Why these 6 steps? Because these 6 Steps are the foundation for everything you “can” understand when reading Scripture. What you have learned about each of these subjects will deeply influence whether you can, or simply can not, understand what Scripture is teaching.

For instance, Step 1 is understanding the “Full Story”. It is associated with “Christ as King: The full Gospel of the Kingdom, including the middle third currently suppressed in the churches of today”.

Why is this Step 1 so important? Because if you are reading Scripture without the middle third of the gospel, that is the work Christ was doing and did accomplish upon His descent into Hell/Hades after the Cross but before His bodily resurrection on the third day, you will be without the necessary knowledge to gain the true power of Christ’s work. And so much of what you read in Scripture will simply confuse, rather than enlighten, your mind.

You’ll find the other 5 Steps just as important.

Once you build your foundation by taking these 6 Steps, you will be ready to truly deepen your walk with Christ.

Thank you for getting into Christ through His word, please contact me if you have any questions along the way.

God Speed!

Coach Paul

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Estimated Time: 2 to 4 Weeks

Difficulty: Beginner


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Enrolling in this course will enable you to supercharge your Daily Bible Readings through the Essential Spiritual Fitness Program.


Step 1: Full Story

Step 2: Sin and Grace

Step 3: Right and Wrong

Step 4: Public vs Private Enemies

Step 5: Form and Function

Step 6: Unique Ability