Creating And Sustaining Disciples of Christ Who Understand And Actively Apply His Teachings


The Essential Spiritual Fitness Program provides Christians the means to develop virtue, censure vice, and find true happiness, all in just 10 minutes a day.

 There are four vital elements … the Four Cardinal Virtues … that must be developed in the born again soul (the soul is made up of three parts: the mind, the heart, and the will)

spiritual fitness mind

Virtue 1: Discernment

The “Mind”—our thoughts and our power to think—is addressed through exercising the Virtue of Discernment. Discernment can also be described as prudence, perception, discrimination, discretion, understanding, astuteness, knowledge, sound mind … WISDOM.

spiritual fitness heart

Virtue 2: Self-Control

The “Heart”—our emotions, incensive power, initiator of the passions, our desiring—is addressed through exercising the Virtue of Self-Control. Self-Control might also be described as temperance, self-restraint, charity, moderation, sobriety.

spiritual fitness will

Virtue 3: Courage

The “Will”—our volition, volitive faculty, will to power, and strength—is addressed through exercising the Virtue of Courage. Courage may also be described as fortitude, patience, manliness, steadfastness, hopeful endurance, strength.

spiritual fitness right_judgment

Virtue 4: Right Judgment

The tie that binds—is also known as justice and righteousness, and sometimes as moral excellence. Exercising Right Judgement is the Virtue that penetrates all three aspects of the soul, tying together the mind, heart, and will to enable them to function in harmony with godly principles.

All four elements are ESSENTIAL to fully integrating Christ into your daily life and so experiencing the power and victory in your life that God intended for you!

And, for building in you the Three Theological Virtues that are just as necessary to the full integration of Christ into your daily life:

True Faith, Enduring Hope, & Divine and Holy Love




If you give yourself to the Program’s patient instruction—including the language, manners, and moral and civil institutions shared through the WORD—you will develop the most practical virtue, censure your most insidious vices, and find for yourself the truest and most noble kind of peace and happiness. Further, you will enhance your citizenship and active participation in that great Empire of the Kingdom of God, whose increase has no end; and find meaningful fellowship amongst its august community of believers.

Day by day, step by step, you will align yourself with the laws of Nature and Nature’s God – Jesus Christ.  He is the One who when asked in the gospels “Master, which is the great commandment in the Law?” responded by saying “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart (the virtue of self-control), with all your soul (the virtue of right judgment), with all your mind (the virtue of discernment), with all your strength (the virtue of courage). This is the first and the great commandment. And the second is like unto this, You shall love your neighbor as yourself (the fruit of dispassion borne of the 4 cardinal virtues, along with a proper love of self). On these two commandments hang the whole Law, and the Prophets.”

The Essential Spiritual Fitness Program is a proven system that takes just a few minutes each morning and evening to build up in you a deep understanding and faith by which you will integrate Christ into every aspect of your daily life in a most practical and enduring way. Pastor Paul’s over 1500 footnotes will help clarify each reading; and, you’ll have personal access to Pastor Paul for all of your questions that need individual attention.  

How This Program Works …

Simply join and download the free kindle app (if you don’t already have it) or, if you don’t want to use the Amazon Kindle tools, use an EPUB reader such as Bluefire Reader, then download the appropriate Essential Spiritual Fitness Program file onto your laptop, smartphone, Kindle, or other mobile device. Then you will have an easy, portable way to bring the Scriptures with you—where ever life takes you. Every individual reader should sign up themselves, so that each individual reader receives our notifications for updates; remember, we are continually adding value to this program, doing so regularly throughout the year. We don’t want anyone missing out on any updates!

    • spiritual fitness phone-and-TabletAccess Pastor Paul’s complete personally footnoted Bible: the Guided Study Bible featuring the Essential Spiritual Fitness Program created to simplify and bring together the ‘best-of the best’ from all of Pastor Paul’s 30+ years of study.
    • Regular updates to the Guided Study Bible and the Essential Spiritual Fitness Program that include the latest notes and newest features.
    • Complete portability and accessibility through a Kindle or EPUB App on a Kindle, PC, laptop, tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android or other smartphone!
    • Daily Organized Morning and Evening Readings and inspiring Meditations on the 4 Cardinal Virtues (for men, women and children in all states of spiritual growth) that make sense and are rich in learning the practical application of the Word of God as well as easy to do and enjoyable!
    • Unlimited Direct Access to Pastor Paul (your personal Spiritual Fitness Coach) through Facebook or private email.  Work together with Pastor Paul to get and stay spiritually fit with patience, perseverance, and ongoing encouragement! He welcomes your questions and comments and personally responds, usually within a day or two.



Changing the Live’s of Men, Women, and Children in All Walks of Life …

    • “Thank you, Pastor Paul. My eyes have been opened! Your compilation is helping me make more sense of the Bible day by day. God Bless!”


    • “Thank you, Pastor Paul. I appreciate the amount of time you put into this so that I may benefit from reading the Scriptures. Thankful.”


    • “That was a valuable explanation. Thank you. That will make a difference in my life. I used to think it was all grace. Something you said earlier, Grace allows us to live by the law. I like that. Blessings and thank you, Pastor Paul.”


    • “Now I understand. Another clarification.”


    • “Pastor Paul, I am experiencing a ’rounding out of my faith’. I am always excited to have ‘Ah Ha!’ moments when I study. You have facilitated much of those recently. Blessings!”


    • “Pastor Paul, Phenomenal Footnotes! Thank You.”


    • “What a beautiful chapter this evening, Romans 8. I love the text and your conclusions you share in the notes.”


    • “Thank you, Pastor Paul! I think I have found what I was looking for, where the Lord has been leading me. Oh I know there is more to discover, it is only spiritually logical. But how refreshing to finally understand the obvious, that the language and culture of Palestine and Egypt (Greek), would also be the written language of the NT writers (Greek), which would naturally be following on their Old Testament scriptures which they were reading in … Greek! The Septuagint fills the gap I had not figured out. You have by the Spirit of Christ, fulfilled my understanding, courage, and right judgment. Still diligently working on my self control…”


    • “Interesting observation. It is these hidden truths that are not so hidden, that spur me on to learn more.”


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



“What if I already go to church on Sunday?”

While you go to church on Sunday for corporate worship with other members of the body of Christ, spiritual fitness remains a very personal endeavor for you. So the two go hand in hand, but they are not the same.


spiritual fitness bible_study1“What if I’m already in a Bible study?”

Bible Studies are like Sunday Service, they are group learning and worship experiences that are distinct from personal study and your own private time spent with God (your personal spiritual fitness). You might compare it to physical fitness as it relates to you being a part of a sports team.  Although you do practices together, the truth remains that for the team to succeed each individual on the team must be privately working out and practicing their craft.  Team practices are never enough to make the team successful. Each individual must be honing their craft in personal workouts for the team to truly see victory.  The same is true in the church. The group study and corporate worship are like team practices in sports.  The Essential Spiritual Fitness Program is like the personal training in which you, the individual player on the team, must engage for you to be a dynamic, powerful benefit to the entire team.


“What if I already do a daily ‘devotional’?”

A daily devotional is different in that its purpose is to remind you to turn your heart to God; without necessarily providing the specific means by which to do that in a consistent and meaningful way.  The Essential Spiritual Fitness Program is a guided study bible—your spiritual fitness guide—that will train you in the make-up of your soul, and continually build in you all the skills necessary to bring your whole self into alignment with God and His natural law.


online_program“What makes this Bible reading program different?”

No other program is multi-denominational (as opposed to based on a single denomination, or non-denominational) with the 2000 year breadth of teaching and personal access to the pastor that organized the study to help you gain the personal clarity and breakthroughs in your life — through a growing relationship with God — that you both want and need.  The Essential Spiritual Fitness Program is a complete program with a 2000 year documented history of success that brings you face to face with the Holy Spirit … and allows Him to teach you directly. The program works for every person regardless of man or woman or walk of life, because the Spirit provides YOU exactly what YOU need on any given day, each and every day.  By bringing you into the Word through a time-tested,  systematic methodology you will give opportunity to the Spirit to provide you God’s benefits specifically as YOU need them and WHEN you need them.


“What if I’m not a reader?”

That’s OK. Many today are not big readers. That’s why the Program is set up in such a way that even someone who is not a big reader can participate successfully in under 10 minutes each morning and evening.