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Designed To Help You Fully Integrate Christ Into Your Daily Life
(While being easy to do, practical, and even portable.)

  • Are you tired of all the science-fiction fantasy-futurism running rampant in the modern church?
  • Or, if you believe in ‘fulfillment’, are you tired of the inappropriately excessive focus placed on AD 70 by modern day preterists?
  • In general, are you coming to the conclusion that focusing on eschatology, regardless of what view is being espoused, is taking away from your focus on Christ and the practical nature of your relationship with Him? A relationship that is the very means by which you can develop the virtues, censure your vices, and find true happiness?
  • Bottom Line: Are you saved, know that you’re saved, yet feel something is missing?
  • Do you simply want a deeper relationship with the living God?
  • Have you tried to deal with all of this, but find you just don’t have the time, or background, to really make the kind of headway you want on your own?
  • Would you like a more direct path to a better relationship with Christ through a real and practical working knowledge of the Bible? Not just an understanding from one of the many denominational views, but rather a ‘best-of-the-best’ from the three major denominations over the course of the past two thousand years?
  • Do you want only the best-of-the-best from the collective wisdom of our faith’s consciousness found in the early church fathers (orthodox), the western catholic church, and the protestant reformers; an understanding that results in a unified faith which is both historic and contemporary? Both easy-to-understand and immensely practical? That addresses the ancient doctrines of the faith and their practical application in our modern world?
  • Do you want something you can finally use on a daily basis that offers the 2000 year breadth of teaching and the personal guidance of a Spiritual Fitness Coach that you’ll find in this program? Something that will really help you find true happiness by developing the virtues along with the inner strength to censure your vices?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you’re in the right place!

Just think about this for a minute: Have you ever considered why it is that so many reasonable, smart men and women (young and old, married and single, professional and blue collar alike) have left the church and are continuing to leave the modern church in unprecedented numbers each and every day?

My research has found that it is because these folks need more than ‘mere salvation’ as presented in the modern churches of our day. They need and want a practical faith that actually helps them live better lives and achieve real happiness!

And, they need this practical faith to actually dive into the depth of truth, the truth Christ speaks about that He said sets people free.

They need and want to know the who, what, when, where, and why of God’s good news. All while avoiding the myriad “heresy’s” of modern men who have left behind sound doctrine and introduced their own new versions of the same old heresy’s the church has been upbraiding for 2000 years.

They need to understand how to live well in His Kingdom; and how to gain the inner strength to forge that knowledge into action.

I know that’s what I wanted when I started my journey into the depth and power of our faith. If you’re like me, it’s what you’ve been missing too.



In light of this, take just a moment to think about your own situation and your own relationship with God and His Kingdom. 

I’m sure you realize that spending time with God and growing in your understanding of His Word won’t make you “more saved”—for you achieve salvation to eternal life by faith and faith alone.

But, and this is the important thing to note, you must diligently make every effort to add to your faith virtue, or you will indeed put yourself at great risk of falling from grace.

Now, spending time with Him is the answer to adding to your faith the virtues, for this will make your salvation to eternal life secure; and of far greater consequence here on this earth!

And that’s what you want, isn’t it? A faith that is secure unto eternity, and at the core of EVERYTHING you say and do in this life so that your eternal life is evident even now?

I know that’s what I wanted. And I knew I could only have such an amazing gift by applying the medicine prescribed by the One who alone can truly heal our souls.

So Where Did I Turn For The Answers I Was Seeking?

Well, I turned to uncensored Scripture and the pure teachings of the brightest and most Spirit-led human beings of the early and most powerfully successful church, along with those of the western church and its reformers. This is where I found the answers to the full knowledge of the Good News of the Kingdom of God that Jesus Himself proclaimed. 

Let me be clear here: I am not talking about revisiting all of the pomp and circumstance of the ‘ceremony’ that was important to all of them but is not relevant to our world today. I am talking about drawing wisdom and benefit from the uncensored Scriptures and the heartfelt teachings of the changed human beings who, through the study of these Scriptures, came to know the essence of the goodness of our Lord and God.

In going down this path, I had to first carefully consider some of my own shortcomings. You see, some of our own shortcomings will definitely interfere with our understanding of the early and historic church if we’re not careful.

For instance:

  1. Unless you understand ‘ancestral sin’ as opposed to ‘original sin’ you won’t understand much of what the early and historic church fathers wrote; and your view of ‘self’ will remain hampered and marred by guilt. This will stunt your growth in virtue.

  2. If you view Christ’s work on the Cross through Anselm’s ‘satisfaction theory’ as opposed to Christ’s victorious encounter with Satan and the forces of evil (the middle third of the gospel lost to the modern church), you’ll not understand much of what the early and historic church fathers wrote; and your understanding of Christ’s victory at the Cross will never reach its full cosmic significance nor will your understanding of how to live well in God’s Kingdom. This will erode your inner strength, making vice more difficult to overcome.

  3. You’ll also find you can’t understand much of what the early and historic church fathers taught because they rightly understood God’s Greek-ification of the world in preparation for the Christ, while this modern world of ours has forgotten God’s work of the Septuagint (uncensored Scripture) and the Greek New Testament. This will directly interfere with your finding true happiness.

In my Program I share some great notes and even a book or two to help bring out all of these points, including the last point and its implications.

Now these three examples are just some of the things I found that I had to relearn as I journeyed toward the virtuous life of Christ. I think you’ll find something very similar as you immerse yourself in the Program.

(By the way, isn’t this exactly what John the Baptist called us to, in preparing ourselves for Christ? Bethink yourself? Amend your thinking and your lives? Rethink what you thought you knew? That’s something I think you need to be open to in order to grow. It’s something I’ve found to be true in all areas of my life.)

But where will we find the kind of thinking that can improve, not derail, our minds?

With this question in mind you might think about understanding the power of compiling the earliest and best teachings of our faith into a training system for the body, soul, and spirit, like this: Imagine the pureness of water as God created it, water that is untouched by human hands and drawn from a natural spring such as those in the Rocky Mountains. Imagine this pure water as a refreshing alternative to polluted water that has been altered over time by human beings, in both obvious and sometimes not so obvious ways … and so made unfit for consumption.

Now imagine the pureness of Scripture, drawn from the mouth of God Himself…

This is what you need if you want to live in the full power of Christ, a power that can develop in you true human virtue, strength to overcome vice, and the only true happiness. This is what you will find in the Essential Spiritual Fitness Program, the one program that is essential to your success because it alone will guide you into these things through the tender loving care of the Holy Spirit so your learning will come directly from God Himself.

kingdom of god guaranteeHere’s my GUARANTEE:  I guarantee that you will find, once you really start ‘continuing‘ in the WORD through the Essential Spiritual Fitness Program, that God will slowly but surely change you for the better. And further, that you will be amazed at what God does to, and for, you, when, in simple obedience, you meet with Him each morning and evening according to the rhythm of your Creator.

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